EverDesk makes your life easier, more organized and efficient by integrating your email and file management and providing complete control over all of your information from a single interface.

EverDesk is full of uniques features never seen in any other software and its interface is built to meet the requirements of most demanding users. Here is the short list of just some of the features you will find in EverDesk.

One Interface for All Activities

EverDesk combines the best features of your email client, file manager, Windows Desktop, and Calendar into one tightly integrated window, making it the most unique and comprehensive information management software on the market.

Integrated Email and File Management

EverDesk integrates email functionality within your larger Windows environment. It enables you to see, organize, and work with all of your email, all of your attachments, all of your Windows files and documents from within a single interface. There's no more switching back and forth between your email program and other applications.

Email and attachments stored as individual files

EverDesk stores each email message and each attachment you send or receive as its own individual file. This approach has numerous advantages over the conventional method, including:

  • Emails and attachments can be stored and managed in the same folders as the rest of your files.
  • Easier and more powerful attachment functionality in virtually any scenario.
  • As individual files, they are not prone to corruption that may threaten .pst files that comprise the email database in other email programs.
  • EverDesk maintains the integrity of each communication (email message + its attachments) by displaying each communication as a whole while at the same time allowing the individual parts to be manipulated independently.
  • No need to switch to other applications to view the attachments - preview them immediately in EverDesk's Preview Pane

Universal folder trees for mail and files

EverDesk includes two folder trees within its interface. Like other email programs, it utilizes a familiar set of mail folders - an Inbox, Sent Items, Outbox, etc. 

Unlike other email programs it also doubles as a file manager by including a second tree comprised of your Windows subject folders.

The coexistence of mail and file folder trees has significant benefits. For the first time, you have the option of moving emails directly to your Windows subject folders, or your files and documents to mail folders, where they can reside side by side without losing critical communication information. Thus, with EverDesk, each subject or mail folder can become the center of any subject, project, or activity by keeping all the relevant information together - including various files, documents, received mail, sent mail, and attachments.

With EverDesk, all of your stuff, is all in one place!

Mail Sorting

These days all of us get a lot email from a lot of people. EverDesk lets you create Sorting Rules to help you in organizing and managing emails by copying or moving incoming messages to specific mail or subject folders based on one or more conditions. Sorting rules can also help you to get rid of unwanted messages by deleting them.

For more efficiency EverDesk also has a Quick Sort feature, which lets you create a simple sorting rule in one click - managing all your email never been so fast and easy!

Global Mailbox

EverDesk provides a Global Mailbox feature that shows email messages from multiple mail accounts in a single folder. You can have all, some or none of your mail accounts shown in the Global Mailbox. Regardless of whether a mail account is included in the Global Mailbox or not, it will still have its own folder, where mail only from this account can be viewed. With Global Mailbox you do not have to check each account to see new mail or search for an email message - all the messages are shown in a single location which makes working with multiple accounts quicker and easier.

Filtered Views by File Type

Using this feature you can choose to view a specific file type - all other files will not be shown. Are you looking for a Word document? Simply select the .doc extension from the list in the drop-down menu and only Word documents will appear in the filelist. 

Contacts on QuickBoard

Contacts in particular take on special functionality when placed on the QuickBoard. Mousing over a contact shortcut provides and an instant mouseover preview of all relevant contact information. Clicking on a contact shortcut on the QuickBoard instantly opens a new message that is automatically addressed to that contact. And dropping a file on a contact automatically adds that file as an attachment to a new message to that contact.

It all amounts to less clicking, more efficiency.

Multiple Address Books

If you are using EverDesk - then you are in full control of your contacts - create as many separate address books and organize your contacts to better fit your activities. You may have a separate address book for work contacts, for personal contacts or for any other purpose.

Advanced mail and file viewing filters

EverDesk's Mail and File filters allow you to view your received mail, sent mail, attachments, files, and more in their own individual categories, even after they have been stored together in the same folder. When working within mail folders these filters conveniently replace classic mail folders, such as Inbox, Sent, Drafts, Unread, Attachments, etc. 

These filters also provide the useful functionality to view any combinations of incoming or outgoing mail, files and attachments. You can also filter your views by file type and/or use a combination of filters to find files or create useful views that you cannot find in other programs.

Activity-centered mail functionality w/ Smart Reply

In EverDesk, email functionality is centered around your personal activities. For example, with EverDesk received mail is easily sorted directly to the relevant activity folder, while sent mail is automatically saved to the activity you are working on when it is created. 

With Smart Reply activated, when you send an email message any reply to it will automatically be sorted to the same folder from which your originating email is located. This feature allows you to keep all emails exchanged on a particular subject to be stored in the same place for easy access.

With these and other features, consolidating related sent and received mail and files, according to their common activity, becomes effortless.

Dramatically enhanced attachment functionality

EverDesk makes working with attachments easier and more efficient than ever before. EverDesk saves attachments as independent files from the get-go so that you can immediately access, preview and manipulate them with the same ease as the rest of your files. 

Some of the many benefits you get working with attachments in EverDesk that you won't find anywhere else:

  • View all of your Attachments in a folder together, independently of their mail messages
  • Preview your Attachments of virtually any file type (pictures, Office documents, music, movies, PDF, etc)
  • Copy/Move Attachments directly to any folder of your choice with a drag of your mouse (no cumbersome menus, windows or "Save As" functions!)
  • Attachments retain sender information even after they are separated from their mail message

Multimedia preview pane

Thanks to EverDesk's multimedia preview pane, you can see (or hear) the contents of any text, image, movie, music, PDF, or other file, without having to leave the main EverDesk window. 

Even better, the preview pane works for email attachments too, which means that for the first time you don't actually have to open attachments in their own application before viewing them. That means no more tedious switching between multiple apps and windows just to check what's inside an important PowerPoint presentation or PDF you've just received - or one you want to send. 

Less distraction and fewer clicks makes for a smoother work process, better concentration on important tasks, and much improved productivity.


How about one-click access to all of your favorite contacts, programs, web links, files and folders - again, without leaving EverDesk? Just mouse up to the QuickBoard pane, stretched conveniently across the top of EverDesk's all-in-one interface as a number of tabs. 

Each QuickBoard tab represents a separate space for your shortcuts which you can group based on your preferences. There, you can place familiar, easily - recognizable contacts, files, folder, and program icons chosen and organized in any arrangement you choose. And you can create as many tabs as you wish - it's a bit like having several Windows Desktops, only the QuickBoard does much more and doesn't require you exiting or minimizing another window to get to. 

Not only can you place your shortcuts to various items on the QuickBoard, but you can easily customize their icons with EverDesk's QuickBoard customization tool. This really comes in handy for contacts and web links, as you can customize contacts with real pictures and web links with relevant web icons in just a few simple steps.


In EverDesk you will find a full Calendar for your scheduling needs. In addition to all the usual functionality found in other applications you will also enjoy a dual time zone panel for travelers, and a wide range of views to easily navigate between different kinds of events. 

In addition, EverDesk lets you create as many calendars as you wish to better organize your events and activities - no other application on the market does this. Google users can also independently synchronize any calendar with a different Google account.

Subfolder content view

Selecting this button, which resides above the folder tree, will cause the file list to display not only the contents of the selected folder, but also the combined content of all of its subfolders as well. 

This is a fantastic feature for getting a macro view of information content spanning a collection of folders or finding a file when you've forgotten which folder it has been saved.

Advanced Contacts

In EverDesk, your contact list is never more than a mouse-click away and for the most part, it's a lot closer than that. While viewing mail or files, a single click opens your complete address book for browsing or editing. What's more, by simply holding your cursor over any contact name - within a message or a file or a QuickBoard shortcut - its main underlying contact data will pop into view.

Naturally, contacts can be organized into any number of Groups, as you choose, but that's only the beginning. With EverDesk, you can edit a Group's list of names for use with a single message. No permanent change gets made to the Group itself.

And now, to forward a message or file (as attachment) to someone on this list, you need only drop that message or file onto their name. Or, you can easily search for all mails and documents related to this contact.

Contact lists have never been closer at hand or easier to work with.

Context sensitive contacts list

EverDesk provides context sensitive contacts functionality. No need to look for the contact by browsing your whole address book anymore - the Folder Contacts Filter Tab provides a list of people with whom you communicated on the particular subject and the New Message Window includes a quick list of activity specific Folder Contacts that can be selected for addressing purposes.

Superior Search

Mouseover preview of mail and contact information

Only in EverDesk can you preview the content of an email message without even opening it! Simply place the cursor over the "eye" icon next to the email name in the filelist and the pop-up window will show you its text. 

This is also a very effective way to combat spam or infected messages - previewing emails using this feature is absolutely safe.

In addition to this you can also view all the details about any contact from your address book, by simply placing the mouse cursor over the contact name anywhere in the program - whether it is in the filelist or QuickBoard - no need to go to Address Book to see someone's phone numbers, address or birthday.

Transparent PGP encryption

EverDesk provides a user friendly PGP encryption interface that makes sending message with encryption quick and easy. Unlike with other email clients, you can still read the encrypted message you have sent. 

Using this feature is extremely easy - simply press the "lock" button in Compose window before sending message and EverDesk will do the rest. You can also see in the filelist which messages have been sent encrypted - they are marked with a small lock over the envelope icon.


Assign category markers to any document for fast location of the documents in the category, regardless of their location in the folder tree. You can create as many different Categories as you wish and differentiate them by assigning a specific color to each of them.

Marking files with a particular Category marker not only adds a color specific marker next to their names, but it also means that all files with that corresponding marker will be viewable together within their corresponding virtual Categories folder, even if the files are located in different folders.

Sticker notes

Add your comment to any document, file or email simply by clicking the sticker icon next to a file or message. These sticker notes are then instantly previewed by placing the mouse over the file name.

This is invaluable if you have downloaded a file some time ago and forgot what the downloaded file is, or simply to add your comments to a document or a file to remind you what to discuss next time with your friends or colleagues.

Extra identities

By using this feature you may have multiple identities for different purposes, activities, etc. for ultimate flexibility when sending email. This feature allows you to have separate templates and signatures as required, which means you can better tailor your correspondence.


While some email users prefer plain text, there are numerous circumstances where people need to present their email communications beautifully, especially businesses, which would prefer to brand their email communication the same way they brand their printed stationery. 

EverDesk lets you create your own stationery or to use the existing stationery from Outlook Express. You can insert a picture or a logo, use different background colors, fonts or signature to have a stationery for every occasion. You can even set a default stationery for any folder or identity to further enhance your email communications.

Gmail Support

EverDesk brings out the best features and provides full POP and IMAP support of Gmail with some extra nifty features to make the work with mail easier for you. 

It was made with Google users in mind and that is why EverDesk uses familiar Google icons and labels so that you feel at home working with your Gmail account in EverDesk

Google Contacts Support

Any address book in EverDesk can be independently synchronized with any Google account and may contain its own set of groups to separate your contacts as you prefer. 

You can even create a separate address book and Google account simply to keep your phone contacts in sync and backed up.

Google Calendar Support

Calendar in EverDesk brings the best of both world - desktop calendar and online Google Calendar. Any calendar in EverDesk can be independently synchronized with any Google account and may contain its own set of events.

Google Docs Support

EverDesk allows you to bridge the gap between the online and offline world – storing and synching your files and documents in the Google Docs, yet having them locally accessible when on the road. 

EverDesk is the only application on the market which supports Google Docs together with Gmail, Google Contacts and Google Calendar, making it the perfect offline companion for everybody who uses Google services, especially Google Apps.

Starred Emails and Documents

Just like in Google, EverDesk lets you to assign a "star" to emails and documents to mark them as important, or requiring further attention. 

With this feature, you no longer have to mark an e-mail as "Unread" to remind yourself that you need to deal with that it in the future.

You also can view all the starred messages or documents together, and benefit from full sync of starred items between Google and EverDesk.

Multiple Google Accounts Support

EverDesk allows you to work simultaneously with multiple Google accounts in one place. 

All of your emails, calendars, contacts and documents are integrated into a single, comfortable and familiar user interface. 

It’s simple to set up and best of all, it can all be accessed offline. Try doing that with your existing Google accounts!