Main Toolbar

The Main toolbar of EverDesk email sofware program contains the following tools:


Clicking the New button opens a New Message window. In addition, if you drop a file onto the New button in the toolbar, the New Message will automatically contain the file as an attachment.

By clicking the drop-down arrow, you will see a menu which will offer you the option of creating a new message (with a choice of stationery), new contact, new folder or a new document.

For Google users: Selecting “New folder” in the drop-down menu will create a new Label in Google Mail folders, or a new Collection in Google Docs folders.


This button becomes active when the selected email has a sender. Simply click the button to open a new reply window.

Reply to All

This button is active when the selected email has multiple recipients or is CC’d. Clicking the button opens a new reply window with the message addressed to all the recipients.


This button becomes active when the selected email has a sender. It creates a message window to forward the message along with its attachments. You can remove any attachments within the compose message window.


Clicking this button, or dragging a file onto it, causes the selected file to be deleted (moved to the Recycle Bin)


Clicking this button, or dragging a file onto it, allows you to rename the selected file.

Mail (Send, Receive, Preview)

Clicking the Mail button will send and receive all emails for all active accounts. You can manage active accounts in Settings > Mail > Mail Accounts.

The Send button will only send any outgoing emails.

The Receive button will only download incoming emails without sending any outbound email (POP mail accounts only). By clicking the drop-down arrow, you can choose to only receive mail from certain accounts, including even those accounts which are not active.

The Preview function allows you to screen emails on the server before downloading them to your computer (POP mail accounts only). You can delete emails, or selectively download only the files you want at that particular time. Any files that you do not delete or download will remain on the server.

By clicking the drop-down arrow, just like with Receive, you can choose to only preview mail from a specific account, including accounts which are not set to active in your Mail Settings.

Furthermore, selecting the drop-down menu in Preview allows you to view any Saved Message copies which are stored on the server. You can choose to receive or delete any of these messages.


This button marks mail as unwanted and sends it to the Junk Mail folder. The button is only enabled if you have activated Junk Mail Filtering in Settings > Mail > Junk Mail Filtering. Once mail is marked as Junk it is moved to the Junk Mail folder and will no longer be visible in your main folders.

Message Options

When sending email within EverDesk, all new drafts and emails are saved within the folder in which you were working when you created the message.

Using New Message Options you can select the specific settings for New Messages for a particular Activity folder, so that all emails created within the Activity folder have the activity settings by default.

The settings which you can change include selecting the default identity, Smart Reply settings, HTML/text preference, and stationery.

You can also manage all of your message options by going to Settings > Mail > Message Options.


The Sort function allows you to create sorting rules for incoming mail, based on certain criteria, such as the sender address, or certain subject keywords.

You can also add a sorting rule instantly by right-clicking the contact’s name to the right of a received file, and selecting Add Sorting Rule. You then simply select the folder where you want messages received from that contact to be moved to, and a rule will be added.

You can manage all of your sorting rules by going to Settings > Mail > Mail Sorting.


This button allows you to instantly send the file or email to your default printer.

Mark as Read/Unread

These buttons allow you to mark received files and emails as either read or unread.

Clock and Mail

On the right side of the Main Toolbar is the clock showing the time and date.

When you send and/or receive mail, the clock and date get replaced with a mail activity progress indicator. You can stop sending or receiving mail at any time by clicking the red X next to the progress bar.

After mail is received, you will see an icon to the left of the clock indicating the number of new messages.

Customizing the Main Toolbar

Clicking the drop-down arrow to the right of the clock will bring up a menu which will allow you to choose which buttons you want to appear on your Main Toolbar, whether you want them left- or center-aligned and whether you want to display the clock and progress indicator.