The QuickBoard is one of many features unique to EverDesk, and allows you to organise your most used files, folders, contacts, applications and links all together in a conveniently located space which is always easily accessible, without having to switch windows or programs.

The QuickBoard is not a physical file location. When you add objects to the QuickBoard, it will create a shortcut to the actual file / document.

This means that you can have quick and easy access to your documents without having to move or copy them.

Organising and populating the QuickBoard

The first thing you will see on the QuickBoard are icons. These icons can represent documents, files, folders, contacts, web links, or shortcuts to applications. You can add, delete and move any item on the QuickBoard. You can also change the appearance of any item on the QuickBoard by specifying an image for the icon.

When you first install EverDesk, the QuickBoard will be pre-populated with sample icons and shortcuts.

You will also see a number of tabs, which allow you to group your QuickBoard items into frequently used categories. Tabs can be added and deleted either by right-clicking on the QuickBoard and selecting QuickBoard Settings or by going to Settings > QuickBoard > QuickBoard Tabs.

Quickboard Appearance

In Settings > QuickBoard you can also choose several options for displaying the Quickboard.

You can select whether you want to show the QuickBoard, or whether you want it to auto-expand.

When you’ve selected the QuicBboard to auto-expand, it will shrink to a convenient size when not in use. Simply hover your mouse over the QuickBoard tab you want to access, and the QuickBoard will automatically expand to display all of the contents of that tab.

You can also manually change the size of the QuickBoard by dragging its lower edge.

Creating QuickBoard Shortcuts

To create a QuickBoard item, simply drag’n’drop or pick’n’drop a file or other item from the file list onto the QuickBoard area.

Moving QuickBoard Shortcuts

You can drag’n’drop a QuickBoard shortcut to move it to another position or move it over to another QuickBoard tab.

Deleting QuickBoard Shortcuts

To delete a shortcut from the QuickBoard, simply right-click the icon and select Remove Shortcut. The file / contact / application that the shortcut pointed to will not be deleted and will remain in its physical location.

Things you can add to the QuickBoard:

  • Files and documents

You can put frequently-used files and documents, such as Excel spreadsheets or PDF files. This creates a shortcut to the file on the QuickBoard which allows you to easily access and edit the file.

  • Email messages

You can put email messages or drafts onto the QuickBoard. Useful for when you’re working on a draft or need to refer to a specific email often.

  • Web links

To add links, navigate to your Favorites folder and simply drag’n’drop or pick’n’drop the desired web link onto the QuickBoard. You can easily customise the image for the icon on the QuickBoard for any link you add.

  • Contacts

You can quickly and easily add contacts by finding the desired contact in your list, and then drag’n’drop or pick’n’drop it onto the QuickBoard.Having contacts on your QuickBoard is incredibly useful due to some nifty features in Everdesk:

  • You can send a file or document quickly to a contact by just dropping it onto the Contact’s icon in the QuickBoard. This will create a New Message with the file(s) already added as attachments.
  • By simply clicking the contact in the QuickBoard, a New Message will be created addressed to that contact.
  • Hovering your mouse over the contact on the QuickBoard will display a note with that contact’s details.
  • Folders

You can place folders onto the QuickBoard. Simply drag’n’drop or pick’n’drop your desired folder onto the QuickBoard. Clicking the folder link on the QuickBoard will quickly navigate to that folder in EverDesk and display its contents in the file list.

  • Applications

You can create shortcuts to frequently used applications on your computer (e.g. MS Word or iTunes). 

In addition to that, EverDesk email client offers you the ability to drag files onto an application link on your QuickBoard to force the file to be opened in that application. E.g. you may have your default media player set to iTunes. To open a file in Windows Media Player, you can simply drag a video onto a Windows Media Player link on the QuickBoard.

  • New Documents shortcuts

You can place shortcuts to create new documents of a particular type quickly from the QuickBoard e.g. a new Word File. 

To add new file types to the QuickBoard, go to Settings > New Documents and drag the desired file types to the QuickBoard.

To create a new document using the QuickBoard, simply click the icon and a blank document will be created in the native application (e.g. for an .xls spreadsheet, MS Excel will launch with a blank spreadsheet)

Customizing QuickBoard Shortcut Images

EverDesk has a built in, easy-to-use utility to allow you to change the images which appear as icons on the QuickBoard.

  • To change an icon, right-click the icon on the QuickBoard.
  • Select Customize Icon
  • You will then be able to select a file on your computer, or an image from your clipboard
  • Move, resize and adjust the image as required.
  • Once you are satisfied with the image you can add a Caption if you wish
  • Click Select to save your choice

You can customize the image of any item on the QuickBoard – contacts, documents, files etc.

Optimizing the size of QuickBoard Icons

If your QuickBoard icons are too small, you can adjust their size in your Windows display settings.