EverDesk allows you to easily and efficiently manage your emails and attachments. Security features allow you to use encryption to protect your communications.

Your correspondence is automatically organized by specific topics. You can keep your emails together with their relevant files. Create a personalized email structure that works for you!

Email Features

Global Mailbox

Global Mailbox feature of EverDesk allows you to view email messages from several email accounts in one folder. You can have all, some or none of your mail accounts shown in the Global Mailbox. Regardless of whether a mail account is included in the Global Mailbox management or not, it will still have its own folder, where mail only from this account can be viewed.

With Global Mailbox you do not have to check each account to see new mail or search for an email message - all the messages are shown in a single location which makes working with multiple accounts the most quick and effective in EverDesk.

Activity-centered mail functionality with Smart Reply

Email functionality in our email manager software is centered around your personal activities. For example, with EverDesk received mail is easily sorted directly to the relevant activity folder, while sent mail is automatically saved to the activity you are working on when it is created.

With Smart Reply activated, when you send an email message, email manager will automatically sort any replies to it into the same folder where the original email is located. This feature allows you to keep all emails exchanged on a particular subject in the same place for easy access.

With these and other features, consolidating related sent and received mail and files, according to their common activity, becomes effortless.

Enhanced attachment functionality

EverDesk makes working with attachments easier and more efficient than ever before. Its email manager automatically saves attachments as independent files from the get-go, so that you can immediately access, view and edit them with the same ease as the rest of your files.

Some of the many benefits you get working with attachments in EverDesk that you won't find anywhere else:

  • View all of your Attachments in a folder together, separate from their mail messages
  • Preview attachments of any file type, including pictures, music, Office documents, movies, PDFs, etc.
  • Copy/Move Attachments directly to any folder of your choice with a drag of your mouse (no cumbersome menus, windows or "Save As" functions!)
  • Attachments retain sender information even after they are separated from their mail message

Mail Sorting

These days all of us get a lot email from a lot of people, and it is important to have the tools to organize it effectively. EverDesk email manager software lets you create Sorting Rules to organize and manage your emails. You can copy or move incoming messages to specific mail or subject folders based on one or more conditions, and get rid of spam or unwanted messages if needed.

For more efficiency EverDesk also has a Quick Sort feature, which lets you create a simple sorting rule in one click - managing all your email never been so fast and easy!

Extra identities

For ultimate flexibility, our email contact management software allows you to create multiple identities for different purposes, activities, etc. for ultimate flexibility when sending email. Now you can have separate signatures and templates as required, which means you can better tailor your correspondence.


While some email users prefer plain text, there are numerous circumstances where our customers need to present their email communications beautifully, especially businesses, which would prefer to brand their email communication the same way they brand their printed stationery.

EverDesk allows you to use the existing stationery from Outlook Express, or even create your own! You can create stationery for any occasion by inserting a picture or a logo, using different background colors, fonts or signature. You can even set a default stationery for any folder or identity to further enhance your email communications.

Mouseover preview of mail and contact information

Only in EverDesk you can preview an email message without even opening it! Simply place the cursor over the "eye" icon next to the email name in the filelist and the pop-up window will show you its text.

The feature is not only convenient, but also helps you improve the security of your email communications. This is a very effective way to combat spam or infected messages - previewing emails using this feature is absolutely safe.

In addition to this you can also view all the details about any contact from your address book, by simply placing the mouse cursor over the contact name anywhere in the software - whether it is in the file list or Quick Board. No need to go to Address Book to see someone's phone numbers, address or birthday.

Transparent PGP encryption

High-quality and user friendly PGP encryption interface makes sending message with encryption quick and easy. Unlike with other email clients, you can still read the encrypted message you have sent.

Using this feature is extremely easy - simply press the "lock" button in Compose window before sending or sharing the message, and EverDesk will do the rest. You can also see which messages have been sent encrypted - they are marked with a small lock over the envelope icon.