EverDesk combines the best features of your email client, file manager, Windows Desktop, address book and calendar into a single tightly integrated interface, making it the most advanced information management software on the market.

Integrate your world

EverDesk's integrated email and file management distinguishes it as a uniquely powerful information manager on the market. Each EverDesk edition enables you to see, organize, and work with all of your email, all of your attachments, all of your files and documents from within a single interface. There's no more alternating back and forth between your email program and Windows Explorer while working on individual activities.

Unlike other programs, EverDesk manages both your emails and files within Windows based folders, so that you have a single unified system for managing all of your data. By consolidating all relevant functions and folders within a single familiar user-friendly interface, EverDesk makes it easier to organize, find, send, move, copy, preview, and otherwise manipulate your emails, attachments, files and documents.

Messages stored as individual files

In EverDesk each email message and each attachment are stored as individual files in regular Windows folders together with other files and documents. It enables you to see, organize, and work with all of your email, all of your attachments, all of your Windows files and documents from within a single window and keep all the information related to the same subject in one place. Traditional email programs can't do this because they manage your email and attachments in a separate, self-contained database - cut off from the larger Windows file structure where all other applications store their files. EverDesk breaks down this artificial barrier to deliver a huge leap in productivity and flexibility.

This approach has numerous advantages over the conventional method, including:

  • Emails and attachments can be stored and managed in the same folders as the rest of your files.
  • Easier and more powerful attachment functionality.
  • As individual files, your messages and attachments are not prone to corruption that may threaten .pst files that comprise the email database in other email programs.
  • EverDesk maintains the integrity of each communication (email message + its attachments) by displaying each communication as a whole whilst at the same time allowing the individual parts to be manipulated independently.

Multimedia Previewing

EverDesk's Multimedia preview pane makes it possible for you to quickly preview virtually any document on your computer, including emails, pictures, MS Office Documents, PDF files, music files, video files, and more. Even better, EverDesk's Multimedia preview pane works for attachments too!

Calendar and Contacts

Calendar in EverDesk is not just a place for your scheduling needs - it was developed with simplicity, efficiency and productivity in mind. Some of the features are unique to EverDesk and integrate tightly with other data in the program. 

Being part of EverDesk's highly integrated environment, Contacts provide not only all the usual whistles and bells, but also context-sensitive functionality. No need to look for a contact by browsing your whole address book anymore - only the people with whom you communicated on a particular subject are shown.

For ultimate flexibility, EverDesk lets you create as many Calendars and Address Books as you need and keep them synced independently with different Google accounts

QuickBoard completes all-in-one interface

EverDesk rounds off its all-in-one interface with the unique QuickBoard. The QuickBoard not only replaces your Windows desktop as a place for shortcuts to your favorite web links, files, folders and programs, but also provides a number of nifty ways for you to address emails, access contact information and forward attachments to your favorite contacts. Now you can organize your data so that it is always just one click away, regardless of where it is actually located.

Google support

EverDesk is the first and only email application software, which provides syncing with Google services like Gmail, Google Contacts, Google Calendar and Google Docs. You can use EverDesk as a hub for working with all of your Google data.

What's more, Google Apps users finally have an offline client and can work with all their data anywhere at any time, even offline. And don't forget that you can work with multiple Google accounts simultaneously!