EverDesk provides you with full control over your work or home environment, with a simple and intuitive interface for files, emails and calendar management.

With Advanced Google Support you can easily access all your Google data in familiar environment, from multiple Google contacts, Calendar and Drive accounts.

Advanced Google Support

Gmail Support

EverDesk brings out the best features and provides full POP and IMAP support of Gmail with some extra nifty features to make the work with mail easier for you. 

It was made with Google users in mind and that is why EverDesk uses familiar Google icons and labels so that you feel at home working with your Gmail account in EverDesk

Google Contacts Support

Any address book in EverDesk can be independently synchronized with any Google account and may contain its own set of groups to separate your contacts as you prefer. 

You can even create a separate address book and Google account simply to keep your phone contacts in sync and backed up.

Google Calendar Support

Calendar in EverDesk brings the best of both world - desktop calendar and online Google Calendar. Any calendar in EverDesk can be independently synchronized with any Google account and may contain its own set of events.

Google Drive (Google Docs) Support

EverDesk allows you to bridge the gap between the online and offline world – storing and synching your files and documents in the Google Docs, yet having them locally accessible when on the road. 

EverDesk is the only application on the market which supports Google Docs together with Gmail, Google Contacts and Google Calendar, making it the perfect offline companion for everybody who uses Google services, especially Google Apps.

Starred Emails and Documents

Just like in Google, EverDesk lets you to assign a "star" to emails and documents to mark them as important, or requiring further attention. 

With this feature, you no longer have to mark an e-mail as "Unread" to remind yourself that you need to deal with that it in the future.

You also can view all the starred messages or documents together, and benefit from full sync of starred items between Google and EverDesk.

Multiple Google Accounts Support

EverDesk allows you to work simultaneously with multiple Google accounts in one place. 

All of your emails, calendars, contacts and documents are integrated into a single, comfortable and familiar user interface. 

It’s simple to set up and best of all, it can all be accessed offline. Try doing that with your existing Google accounts!