EverDesk combines the best features of your email client, file manager, Windows Desktop, address book and calendar into one tightly integrated interface, making it the most unique information management software on the market.

EverDesk makes your life easier, more organized and more efficient by integrating your email and file management, and providing complete control over all of your information from a single, intuitive and familiar interface

So, why choose EverDesk?

EverDesk is a revolutionary change to how you deal with your email, documents and files. At the same time, it has a familiar interface and is user-friendly which makes switching to EverDesk simple and intuitive. EverDesk is the right choice for you if

  • you want to easily access all the files, documents, emails and contacts related to the same subject without endless windows, menus and having to switch applications?
  • you want your contacts with whom you communicate regularly on specific topics to be created automatically and be easily accessible
  • you want to communicate in a totally secure way by transparently encrypting and decrypting your messages
  • you do not want to lose all your mail just because a pst file from your conventional email program gets corrupted or lost
  • you want to be just a single click away from your most popular files, emails, documents, folders, contacts
  • you want to instantly preview virtually any file or attachment on your computer without opening other applications
  • you need a full-featured calendar which is tightly integrated with the rest of the program and its features
  • you need to have full support of your Google account
  • you need an offline client for your Google Apps
  • you simply want the best!

Still not convinced?

Other programs manage your email in a separate self-contained database, cut off from the larger Windows environment. This forces you to alternate between your post service application and file manager while working on individual activities. Cumbersome menus and dialogue boxes are then required to bridge the gap so that you can save files and add attachments. Worse, searching for attachments can be a nightmare - they can be hard to find within the email program if you don't know where to look, and once saved to Windows they are no longer associated with emails or annotated with relevant communication information.

EverDesk makes your life simpler by alleviating all of these problems while opening up a new world of functionality only possible within a unified system for email and files. For the first time, you can store emails in your Windows folders, where they can reside side by side with the rest of your files without losing critical communication information. As a result, you can organize both your emails and files within the same easy to use interface, while transferring attachments to folders and adding attachments to outgoing emails more easily than ever before.

By merging email directly into your Windows folder environment, EverDesk breaks down the barrier between email and file management. The result is a dramatic enhancement in the ease and flexibility with which you can organize, find, send, move, copy, preview, and otherwise manipulate your emails, files, and attachments, all while remaining focused on your activities through a single, user-friendly interface.

Try it and you'll see that integration makes all the difference: No more navigating between various windows to find items, no more clutter, no more mental gymnastics. Now, for the first time, all of your most important information shows up in one place - in one window, in a single well-organized view - all of it ready for immediate and direct action.

EverDesk is so flexible, that its interface and functionality can be tailored to your specific needs and habits. If you want it to be just like your regular email client you used to work with previously – no problem – the Mail Folders section is what you need. Only it adds several dimensions of functionality that other programs simply can't provide since unlike other email programs, EverDesk also acts as a file manager allowing easy access to your existing files and folders.

This innovative approach makes it easier for you to remain organized and focused on your activities and spend less time navigating back and forth between multiple programs, folder trees, and menus. With EverDesk, each folder can become the center of any subject, project, or activity by containing all the relevant information - including various application files, received mail, sent mail, and attachments - together in one place. Special filters guarantee you can view received mail, sent mail, attachments and files separately within each folder, or in useful combinations that you won't find in other programs.

This is a radical approach to information management, but it's so intuitive and natural that you'll wonder how you ever managed without it.
Imagine being able to select one of your projects, and in an instant having direct access to all of your files, emails, and attachments pertaining to that project as opposed to having them scattered across multiple applications and folder structures. How much more efficient could you be?
With EverDesk, incoming email is easily sorted to relevant folders, whilst outgoing mail is saved to the folder you are working in when it is composed. In this way, organizing all of your information in one place becomes effortless, and data for any single activity no longer remains scattered between your Inbox, Outbox, and Windows subject folders (among other places). 

EverDesk is perfectly complemented by its Quickboard, Multi-Media Preview Pane, Contacts and Calendar features, resulting in a truly comprehensive package for managing your information.