EverDesk is the best way to keep your files, contacts, emails and planners well ordered and interconnected. It provides a clean, efficient structure that allows you to access all relevant information through a single interface that is easy to understand and navigate.!

Your most important files are now just one click away!

Personal Information Management and Integration

One Interface for All Activities

EverDesk is a software that combines the best features of your file manager, email client, Calendar and Windows Desktop into one tightly integrated window. This makes EverDesk the most unique and comprehensive personal information manager software on the market.

Integrated Management of Files and Emails

EverDesk integrates email functionality within your larger Windows environment. EverDesk as a personal information manager allows you to see, organize and work with all of your emails, attachments and Windows files and documents from a single interface. There's no more switching back and forth between your email program and other applications.

Email and attachments stored as individual files

EverDesk stores each email message and each attachment you send or receive as its own individual file. This approach has numerous advantages over the conventional method, including:

  • You can work with your emails and attachments in the same folders as your other files.
  • Easier and more powerful attachment functionality in virtually any scenario; you can work with your attachment in any way you like, there are almost no restrictions.
  • As individual files, your emails and attachments are protected against corruption that may threaten .pst files, used to store email data in other email managers.
  • The personal information manager displays each communication as a whole (an email message and its attachments); and at the same time, in EverDesk you can manipulate those parts individually.
  • No need to switch to other applications to view the attachments - you can preview them instantly in EverDesk's Preview Pane.

Universal folder trees for Files and Emails

EverDesk includes two folder trees within its interface. Like other email programs, it uses a familiar set of mail folders - an Inbox, Outbox, Sent Items and so on.

Unlike other email programs, EverDesk also doubles as a file manager by including a second tree containing your Windows subject folders.

The sync of file folder and email trees has significant benefits. EverDesk is the first program that allows you to move your emails directly to your Windows subject folders, or your documents and files to mail folders, where they can be stored side by side maintaining critical communication information. With EverDesk you can make any subject or mail folder the centre of any project, subject, or activity by keeping all the relevant information together – including various documents, files, sent or received mails and attachments.

With EverDesk, all of your stuff, is all in one place!

Advanced File and Email Viewing Filters

EverDesk's Mail and File filters allow you to view all of your sent or received emails, attachments and files in individual categories, even after they have been stored together in the same folder. When managing emails, powerful filters replace conventional mail folders, such as Sent, Inbox, Drafts, Attachments, Unread and so on.

You can also view any combinations of outgoing and incoming emails, attachments and files, filter your files by type and use any combination of filters to create the convenient views, which cannot be found in other programs.


One-click access to all of your favourite programs, contacts, web links, files and folders – without leaving EverDesk! Just mouse up to the QuickBoard pane, stretched conveniently across the top of EverDesk's single interface as a number of tabs.

Every QuickBoard tab represents a separate space for your shortcuts, which can be grouped according to your preferences. There, you can place familiar, easily - recognizable contacts, files, folder, and program icons chosen and organized in any arrangement you choose. And you can create as many tabs as you wish – it’s a bit like having several Windows Desktops, only the QuickBoard does much more, and is easier to manage.

Not only you can place your shortcuts to various items on the QuickBoard, but you can easily customize their icons with EverDesk's QuickBoard customization tool. This really comes in handy for contacts and web links, as you can customize contacts with real pictures and web links with relevant web icons in just a few simple steps.

Multiple Calendars

As a personal information management software EverDesk provides you with a full-function Calendar for your scheduling needs – your events, notes and tasks are all there. But In addition to all the usual functionality found in other applications you will also enjoy a dual time zone panel for travelers, and a wide range of views to easily navigate between different kinds of events and appointments.

EverDesk allows you to create as many calendars as you need to organize your events and activities in a better way – no other application on the market does this. Our users can also integrate any calendar with a Google account.