EverEZ Systems Privacy Policy

In order for you to feel comfortable, EverEZ Systems Ltd. ("EverEZ") has adopted a privacy policy that governs the EverEZ software ("Software") user privacy.


  1. EverEZ does not want to receive any confidential, secret or proprietary information and material from you through the EverEZ website at www.everdesk.com, Software or in any other way. Any information or material submitted or sent to EverEZ will be deemed not to be confidential or secret.
  2. Settings, technical and other information from your computer, such as your operating system, Software and browser versions, connectivity, various communication parameters and other information related to the operation and interaction of the Software may be collected by EverEZ, subject to the provisions herein. Parameters are collected solely in order to provide you with, or access to, the Software. We also may collect information on the Software usage. This does not contain actual data entered by the user. Any identifying information gathered is immediately separated from this information, so that EverEZ has no idea whose usage pattern EverEZ has.
  3. Various statistical data may be used for commercial purposes, including without limitation, for advertising, targeted advertising, marketing, co-registration to other services, promotional or any other activity, subject to the provisions herein.
  4. Registration Information. When a user registers, EverEZ collects certain contact information that will be used to verify the user's eligibility to use the Software and upgrades, provide services, such as technical support and verify a user's identity in the case of lost registration data. This information may also be used to contact the user. EverEZ may use your personal information for the following purposes:
    • To help to improve EverEZ service.
    • To alert you about product upgrades, special offers, updated information and other new services from EverEZ.
    • To allow you access to limited-entry areas of EverEZ website as appropriate.
    EverEZ does not sell, rent, or share your personal information with any unaffiliated third party, except as necessary to provide EverEZ services.
  5. During the use of free or trial version of the Software, EverEZ may add short signatures at the very end of user's email messages, containing a link to the EverDesk website at www.everdesk.com.
  6. EverEZ has chosen a third party to process credit card transactions in order to provide enhanced security, reliability and fraud protection mechanisms for your purchases. The credit card information that you choose to provide during your purchase is maintained in the credit card processing company's database for accounting and billing purposes. EverEZ does not maintain a copy of your credit card information on its servers.
  7. Under certain situations, we may release your personal information if required by law, or if we believe the disclosure is necessary to abide by law or to protect our website or users of our services, or to defend our property. We will only disclose the minimum information that we are required to disclose.


Unless produced by EverEZ, the information you access or receive by using the Software or information sent to you by other users is not reviewed, controlled, examined, verified or endorsed by EverEZ in any way. Therefore, data and information in the Software may be subject to privacy and security invading activities including, but not limited to, eavesdropping, spamming, breaking passwords, forgery and system contamination including use of viruses causing unauthorized access to your computer and other forms of activities.

EverEZ is continuously adding more functions to the Software to allow users to enhance the privacy and security level of their communications with their peers. You are advised to take the appropriate measures necessary to avoid any potential privacy and security invading activities while using the Software. Please note that the Software and its privacy and security features, as most Internet applications, are vulnerable to various security issues including various "exploits" applications that may reduce the functionality of these features to some extent.

You should carefully determine whether any information sent to you complies with your needs and with any legal obligation, including without limitation - obligations imposed by copyright, defamation, decency, secrecy, privacy and export laws.