Finding Stuff Easily

EverDesk email sofware makes searching for things quick and easy. There are several useful features which can be used as part of a search to make sure you find exactly what you’re looking for.


EverDesk allows you to search for all of your files, documents, contacts, emails and even attachments. You can even search inside emails, files and attachments (Microsoft Search must be installed on your computer. See below.)

To start a search simply type a keyword or file name in the search box above the file list. As soon as you start typing, EverDesk will display results based on the search term being in the file name or text content.

If you wish to make your search more specific, click the icon Searchicon in the search field. This will expand a number of options available for you to narrow your search.

You can choose from a number of criteria, including the file name, text content, contact name for files which are sent / received, and the date the file was modified.

You can add several conditions to narrow your search as required. You can add or delete more conditions by clicking the arrows Searcharrows to the right of the search bar.

Every additional condition will narrow the search further, as only results which match all of the conditions will be returned.

The same search function works within EverDesk’s contacts

Searching within files

EverDesk has the powerful ability to search within files (e.g. in a Word document or Powerpoint presentation). However, in order for this functionality to be enabled, you must have Microsoft Search installed and active on your computer.

Windows XP users

Please check that you have the latest version of Microsoft Search installed on your computer. Microsoft Search is provided completely free by Microsoft, and can be installed from www.microsoft.com/windows/winfamily/desktopsearch/default.mspx

Once you have confirmed that Microsoft Search is installed, make sure that the EverDesk's Root Folder is added to the list of indexed folders. 

Windows Vista and Windows 7 users

Both Windows Vista and Windows 7 come with Microsoft’s index searching functionality pre-installed. 

Make sure that the EverDesk's Windows file management software Root Folder is added to the list of indexed folders.

EverDesk will now be able to search all of the contents of your files that are indexed by Microsoft Search.

Certain file types will not have their contents indexed by Microsoft (e.g. PDF) and therefore the search function will not look inside these files.
There are plug-ins which allow Microsoft Search to index more file types. 

One such plug-in available for free is IFilter (which can be found at www.ifilter.org).

In addition to the search function, EverDesk has an extremely powerful filtering system which allows you to often quickly find files you are looking for without having to specifically search for a key word or date.

Include contents of subfolders

In the folder list view you have the option of selecting the option to Include contents of subfolders. To switch this function on, simply click the Plusicon icon, which is located next to the section name on the section separator bars in the Folder Tree area.


 Once this option is enabled in the file list view EverDesk will display not just the files in the folder you are in, but also all the files contained within any subfolders. This function only is available if the main folder contains subfolders.

File List Filters

These filters allow you to restrict which files you wish to view in the file list. There are two ways to access the main file list filters:

  • In the drop-down menu above the file list view, or;


  • Using the tabs located under the file list.


The filter tabs located below the file list view mirror the drop down menu and offer the same functionality with a single click.

The two are synchronised and offer the same functionality.

You can hide and unhide individual filters in Settings > General. 

Mailandfiles Show mail and files

This is the default settings which shows both files as well as emails in the file list view.

Sentandreceivedmail Sent and Received mail

This restricts the file list only to emails.

Receivedmail Received mail

Shows only received emails.

Sentmail Sent mail

Shows only sent emails.

Unreadmail Unread mail

Only shows those emails which are marked as unread.

Outgoingmail Outgoing messages

Shows all outgoing messages. This is effectively the outbox.

Drafts Drafts

Shows only email drafts.

Attachments Attachments

Restricts the file list view to showing only attachments. This includes files that are both sent and received as attachments.

Files Files

This will only show files, and will not show any mail (including attachments).

Filesandattachments Files and attachments

This will show files as well as any attachments.

Foldercontacts Folder contacts

This will only display contacts with which you have exchanged mail within the activity folder you are in.

Starred Starred (Google Edition only)

Will only show emails which are marked as Starred.

Important Important (Google Edition only)

Will only show emails which are marked as important.

Extension (file type) filter

The extension filter allows you to display only a certain file type within the file list view.

It is accessed via the drop down menu next to the File List Filter:


Simply pick the file type from the drop down menu to see only those types of files.

To show all files, simply select All Types (default)

In addition to filtering, EverDesk has useful mail sorting features which help you to quickly look through email messages to find what you are looking for.

See Mail Sorting for more details.