Managing Attachments

EverDesk software fo email makes working with attachments easier than ever before, whilst offering you a lot of functionality and flexibility.

Every attachment is automatically saved in EverDesk as a discrete file, which allows you to work with attachments as you would with any other file or email. Here are some things you can do with attachments in EverDesk:

  • You can preview attachments in the Multimedia Preview Pane. This feature supports virtually all file formats including Word, Excel, Powerpoint, photos, videos and PDF.
  • You can quickly send a file to someone by simply dropping a file onto the contact or onto the New (Message) button on the toolbar.
  • View all the attachments within a Folder by selecting the Attachments Filter Tab below the file list Attachments.
  • Move or copy one or several attachments directly from the file list view. You can select a number of attachments from one or several emails together, and Pick’n’Drop or Drag’n’Drop them to another folder.
  • Attachments retain information about their sender, even if they are “detached” from the original email by moving or copying.

Unlike in other email clients, EverDesk stores your attachments as files, and not within an email message database file. EverDesk therefore saves you the effort of having to Save attachments specifically to your computer in order to retain a copy.

Displaying attachments in EverDesk

In EverDesk you can view attachments in one of 3 ways:

  1. In the Preview Pane – When you select an email, in addition to the email contents being shown in the Preview Pane, there is an Attachment Panel where you will see the attachments of the email. From there you can click on the attachment to preview it in the Preview Pane, or you can drag it from there to move or copy the attachment to a folder.
  2. Open “Bundles” in the file list – The attachment icon Attachments to the left of a file name in the file list views allows you to toggle between Open and Closed Bundles. Opening the bundle will display all the attachments within the email message below it in the file list view. You can now work with the attachments as you would with any other files. To close the bundles, simply click the attachment icon Attachments again.
  3. Attachments Filter Tab – EverDesk’s Filter Tabs, located below the file list view, allow you to quickly filter which files are shown. By selecting the Attachments Filter Tab, EverDesk will only show you attachments in the file list view, without the parent email messages. To view the email messages associated with an attachment, simply select the attachment and then click the Show All (Mail and Files) filter Mailandfiles.

Adding Attachments to emails in EverDesk

There are several ways to add an attachment in EverDesk:

  1. Drag / drop the desired file(s) onto the New button on the main toolbar. This will create a new blank message with the file(s) attached.
  2. Drag / drop the desired file(s) onto the name of a contact or group in the address book or on the QuickBoard. This will create a new blank message with the file(s) attached, addressed to the respective contact.
  3. Drag / drop the file(s) onto any unsent email or draft. This will add the attachment to the existing email.
  4. Drag / drop the file(s) onto the attachment area of a Compose New Message window.
  5. Click Attach File in the New Message window and select the desired file.
  6. Right-click the file(s) and select Send as Attachment from the drop-down menu.