New Message Window

Click the New button on the main toolbar to create a new message.

You can specify the default settings for new messages in each folder using the Message Options button on the main toolbar or by going to Settings > Mail > Message Options.

Everdesk introduces a number of new and useful features into what should otherwise be a familiar window for most users.

Select an alternative Identity in the From field

This function allows you to specify the identity that you wish to use when composing an email. You can choose to send the email from any of your set up mail accounts, regardless of which folder you are in.

This will be what is displayed in the From: field when your recipient receives your email.

You can specify a default Identity for any given folder using the Message Options feature.

Choose the activity folder where your message will be saved

When you create a new message, EverDesk email client will, by default, save it in the current folder you are in. This means that your emails are saved in the respective activity folders rather than in a generic Sent Items folder.

However, you can choose to select a different folder to store the new message in using the Save In field in the top right-hand corner of the compose new email window.

Selecting Addresses from the Folder Contacts / All Contacts field

When composing a new message, EverDesk allows you to select contacts from all of your contacts, or from just the contacts relevant to the current activity folder you are in.

Folders Contacts List – this shows just the contacts which you have communicated with (sent or received emails) in the current folder you are in. This is useful as it narrows down the contact list that is relevant to a particular activity, task or project.

All Contacts List – this shows all of your contacts

To add a contact, simply click it in the contact list and it will be added to the currently selected field (e.g. To). To add CC or BCC contacts, simply click the CC / BCC field as required and then select the contacts you wish to copy on the email.

To address your email to a group of contacts, simply select the group from the contacts list as you would with a single contact.

EverDesk has the functionality to allow you to specify which contacts you want to include / exclude from a group for a particular email, without making permanent changes to the group.

When you select a group of contacts from the contacts list when composing an email, you will see a list of all the contacts within that group with checkboxes next to the individual names. Simply tick / untick the contacts you wish to include / exclude in this particular email to only send the email to specific members of the contact group.

Adding attachments in the new message window

You can add an attachment to your email using the Attach File button in the New Message Window. There are other ways of quickly sending attachments – for more information see Adding Attachments.


When sending mail to other EverDesk users (regardless of the email account), you can choose to encrypt your mail automatically for extra security.

Click the Encrypt Message button Encryptionicon in order for the message to be encrypted using PGP encryption. If your recipient does not have encryption enabled, EverDesk will alert you and will not automatically send the email without encryption. 

In this case, you need to confirm you want the email sent anyway, by un-selecting Encrypt Message.

New Message Window Toolbar

The toolbar should be familiar to most users and contains the frequently used tools when composing an email.

On the left you will find the usual cut, copy, paste and undo functions.

You will then find the formatting area which lets you select the encoding, font, size, style, colour, alignment and paragraph formatting.

Further to the right you will find the options to change the background, insert an image or link, and to select whether you want the email to be in Rich Text (HTML) or Plain Text.

Finally, on the right side of the toolbar is the encryption button, and the spell check button.

Send / Save Buttons

Send now – clicking this button will instantly send the email message and save it in your selected folder. You need to be connected to the internet for the message to be sent. Clicking this button will not cause other saved emails to be sent.

Send Later – clicking this button will save the message in your selected folder, but EverDesk will not send it until you click Send Only or Mail in the main toolbar. You can always send the individual email whenever you want by opening it and clicking Send Now.

Save Draft – clicking Save Draft will cause the email to be saved in the selected folder as a draft. It will not be sent, even when you click to Send Only or Mail in the main toolbar. In order for you to send a draft once it is ready, you need to open it and select Send now or Send Later.