Setting up Mail Accounts

Everdesk software fo email fully supports POP and IMAP email protocols.

Please see more information on how to set up a mail account.

Sending and Receiving email

Everdesk does not differentiate between mail folders and file folders. All of your emails can be stored stored together with your documents and files in any folder.

Sending Mail

All sent mail is stored in the folder in which you were when you created the email. You can change the folder where the email will be stored in the New Message window.

In Everdesk you can easily send your email to your contacts or groups. There are several features which make it easier to select addressees in an email, including auto-complete of contact names, selection of specific contacts within a group to include/exclude, as well as automatic Folder Contact lists which reflect the contacts within a specific folder.

Sending mail in EverDesk can be done in a number of ways to best suit your needs:

Compose New message Window

For more details see New Message Window.


You can place contacts onto your QuickBoard for easy access

To send the contact an email, you can click the icon on the QuickBoard which will create a new message. Alternatively, you can simply drop files directly onto the contact’s icon to automatically add the files as attachments to a new message addressed to the contact.

File list contacts

Any file, document or email that has a contact associated with it in the file list view lets you quickly address a new message to the contact.

Simply click on the contact name in the file list view to compose a new message to this contact.

Contacts view

Find your contact(s) in the contacts interface

Once you have selected the contact(s), right-clicking them will show a menu.

Select Compose New Message to create a new email addressed to the contact(s) or simply click on the email address of the selected contact.

Receiving mail

When you set up your mail account Everdesk lets you select a folder where incoming emails for the account will be stored. In addition to this main account folder, where emails will automatically be placed, you can sort incoming messages using Everdesk’s sorting functionality. Read Sorting for more information.

Junk Mail

Everdesk has a Junk Mail feature for getting rid of unwanted email and spam. Please see Junk Mail Filtering for more information

Smart Reply

If you enable the Smart Reply feature in New Message Options, any replies to mail that you send will automatically be placed in the same folder as your originating email. This keeps all emails related to a certain thread in the same folder.
This feature is enabled by default.


Everdesk makes working with attachments easier and more efficient. There are several ways of viewing and sending attachments. Please see Managing Attachments for more details.


You can import your mail into Everdesk from Outlook, Outlook Express, Thunderbird, Eudora and various other email clients. See Installation and Import for more details on how to import.