Getting around

EverDesk’s interface was created to be intuitive and user-friendly. You should therefore find it natural and easy to use.

The Main interface window consists of several main parts - Folder Tree area, Filelist, Main Toolbar, Multimedia Preview Pane and QuickBoard. Please see the respective Help topics for more details.

EverDesk has a few nifty features designed to save you time, so take a few moments to get familiar with them.


In addition to the familiar Drag’n’Drop method, which is fully supported in EverDesk, Pick’n’Drop allows you to save time by selecting several files or emails quickly, without having to hold down the Ctrl or mouse button.

In order to Pick Up an item, simply click the Plus. which appears to the right of the file name, when you hover the mouse over the file. Once you have picked up a file or email, you can select further files by clicking their respective Plus. Similarly, you can deselect files by clicking the Minus which replaces the Plus when they are picked up.

Once a file (or several) is picked up, you can drop it onto a folder or button (e.g. Print), simply by clicking the destination folder.

Whilst a file is picked up, you will see next to the cursor the action that will be taken when it is dropped (Copy or Move). If more than one file is picked up, you will also see the name of all the files, up to a maximum of 10. You can pick up more than 10 files, just their names will not be displayed under the mouse cursor.

In order to force the file(s) to Move, hold Shift when dropping the file(s). To force the file(s) to Copy, hold Ctrl when dropping the file(s).

Mouseover Pop-up Preview

The Eye appears to the right of the file name when you hover your mouse pointer over it and allows you to quickly preview the text content of emails without opening them.


In EverDesk, placing your mouse pointer over most objects will provide you with useful information. Thus, hovering over the contact name in the file list view will show you all of that contact’s details. Hovering over most icons will show you what they do.

Take some time to browse the various snippets of information that pop up by hovering over various areas of the screen to familiarise yourself with the EverDesk email software interface.